From the Principal’s Desk – 9th February 2024

Dear Parents,

What a splendid week it has been here at TBA, and I am thrilled to witness the seamless flow of learning among our students. Our Parent Information Session yesterday was a resounding success, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every parent who took the time to join us. Your engagement is truly valued, and we appreciate your ongoing support.

During the session, we had the opportunity to discuss several important updates, including the revision of our student Code of Conduct (please find the updated version below). I kindly request all parents to acquaint themselves with these amendments, as we believe in the importance of consistent values across our school community. Throughout the week, we will also be sharing these updates with our students in class.

Additionally, it was a pleasure to introduce all of our teachers to you. We also shared our commitment to maintaining our high internal academic standards and fostering strong communication channels this year. Please remember, our open-door policy remains firmly in place for every member of the TBA community. We wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us whenever necessary.

As we look ahead, I would also like to remind you that after-school classes are now available in select subjects. Encouraging student attendance in subjects where they may benefit from additional support is greatly appreciated. On another note, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are gearing up to celebrate it in true TBA fashion. Stay tuned for more details on how we’ll be spreading the love next week!

Please also take a moment to view the camp photos through the following link: 

Checkpoint Camp

IG Camp

AS Camp

Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with relaxation and quality time with your loved ones.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Ivan Knoetze