4 Best in SA Results for TBA

The recent Cambridge International Exams publication of the best results in South Africa has cemented The British Academy’s reputation as one of the best international schools in the country.

In fact it represents the top spot in Greater Pretoria, including Centurion and Midrand, and validates the quality of our academic programme.

“What makes us even more proud” says CEO Niel Bester “is that our school are tiny (in numbers) when compared to some of our competition.  But then again small classes have been one of our differentiators from the start”.

Our Top Stars are:

Mila Coetzee was placed top in the COUNTRY for Economics and English literature in the Cambridge International IGCSE Exams,

Kreyan Shunmugam top in the COUNTRY for History in the Cambridge International AS Exams.

Benjamin Kabila Twite obtained a high achievement in French in the Cambridge International AS Exams.

We are so proud of our students and their teachers for this incredible achievements.